Facts are better than fiction

Almost every supermodel will gladly tell the tale of how, by some stroke of luck, they were 'discovered' by that beady-eyed scout who flung them from obscurity into the realms of super goddess overnight. Kate Moss was discovered in an airport waiting lounge. Sophie Dahl was spotted crying in the street after having a row with her mother (even though she had mascara all over her face)!

Yes, miracles happen every day but it would be foolish to pin all your hopes on just being in the right place at the right time. So, if you think you might be the face of tomorrow and were secretly hoping that today you might be discovered, then Modelsearch could be a giant step in the right direction - i.e. down that catwalk or into a fashion feature.

Modelsearch is

As the name suggests, a search for potential models. Held at shopping Centres throughout the UK, the event involves entrants of all ages, trying their luck on a catwalk stage, in front of a panel of judges, with the chance to win a years modelling contract. It is a fun, upbeat competition that anyone can enter. The judges are looking for personality, character and confidence, not necessarily six foot, size eight dimensions.

Modelsearch isn't a modelling agency. Instead of picking a face out of a crowd, Modelsearch puts that face on a catwalk, in front of a crowd. Most importantly, Modelsearch puts that face in front of a model agency representative. They have no alternative but to have a good look at you and if you are what they are looking for, then there's a good chance that you could get some real modelling work.